How To Kill Ants And Stop Them From Coming Back – The Best Ant Killer In 2018

ant trailLast updated: January 4, 2018 – If there’s anything you need to know about defeating a bug infestation in your home, it is that most of your efforts will be futile unless you destroy the nest itself. This similarly applies to an ant infestation.

Even if you’re constantly killing or warding off the occasional ant trails with insecticides or homemade ant killers and you’re thinking “Hurray, I’ve killed off at least a hundred of these buggers!”, the truth is that there will still be tens of thousands of these bugs well and alive in their colony just waiting to swarm the next crumb of bread that you leave out in the open.

Plus, a single ant queen can spawn out thousands of eggs every single day, so it’s essentially an endless battle if you don’t do it the right way. The only way to overcome this infestation is simply to wipe out the entire colony.

Destroying The Ant Colony
ant-nestThe question then remains: How do you know where the colony is or whether you can even reach it at all? The answer is that you don’t need to.

For all you know, there could be multiple colonies that exist in the many areas of your house and they are usually very well hidden in between wall cracks or hard to reach places.

To kill off all these ants and their queen, there’s only one viable option and it would be by using poisonous ant baits.

How Do These Baits Kill Ants?

  1. These poisonous ant killers work EXTREMELY well because of the way ants behave. Ants will be attracted to these baits via some sort of sugary or sweetening substance that is mixed in with the poison.
  2. Once they’ve eaten their fill, they’ll start carrying the food back to their colonies to be stored and shared with others. The genius of most ant baits is the fact that the poison is slow acting. This allows the ants sufficient time to transport these poisonous substances back to their colony before they die.
  3. The best part of it all is that a poisonous ant bait has a 2-pronged attack. If a poisoned ant dies in the nest, its body will be eaten by the others, thus spreading the poison even further. Alternatively, even if the poisoned ant dies outside the nest, the workers will still carry the body back to the nest to be consumed. Within anywhere from 2 days (for smaller nests) to 3 weeks (multiple large colonies), all the ants will be subject to the poison one way or another and this includes the queen.

So, which poisonous ant bait should I use?

Having tried out multiple products over the years, we’re extremely impressed by the Advion Ant Gel Bait and it is absolutely the best ant killer that we’ve seen so far. It attracts hundreds of ants within as short as 3 hours, and more will follow the longer you leave the bait there.


The sight of all the ants swarming over the bait and dying everywhere as they move back and forth to their nest might be slightly repulsive though so be forewarned.

TIP: You should place the bait in a corner where it won’t be disruptive to your daily activities because it will have to be left there for days for maximum effectiveness.

Leave the ants be as they start swarming over it. The poison will not take effect for hours, so it will take awhile before you start seeing dead bodies around the bait. Even then, you have to remember not to sweep or clean them off. The ants’ behavior of eating their own dead will be their downfall.

Ideally, you’ll want to place a couple of these baits in multiple places wherever there are ants because there’s likely to be more than a single nest in your home. If you think that the infestation is bad in a particular area of your house (usually the kitchen), placing a few of these baits in that room itself, in different corners, will speed up the process significantly instead of having to wait weeks for the infestation to die off.

Alternatively, you could resort to pest control services in your area.