Free Translation For Knowledge Sharing Program

About Us

The Bugs Killer is a website set up by former pest control specialists and experienced users. We have seen our fair share of pest infestation problems and we’ve found that oftentimes, simple DIY methods and products are sufficient to completely eliminate any budding pest problems.

Our aim is to compile what we’ve discovered works when it comes to tackling pest problems. Knowledge sharing is one of our main goals when we started this website and we intend on taking it further by launching this program.

As a complement to our annual scholarship program, we would also be introducing our knowledge sharing program where we translate educational and interesting articles found online for free.

The Reason We’re Doing This

Just like many other people, we have learned a great deal from the free information that is available online and it is our intent to help develop this even more. We would like to think of it as a form of giving back to the community, while also enhancing our exposure, both as individuals and as a company.

Our objective for this program is to aid people in learning new things online without being restricted by their understanding of the many different languages there are out there. As our team is multiethnic, this translation program is the perfect opportunity for us to achieve our goal.

Languages Offered

Our team is able to provide translations from English to French, Russian, German, Malay, Chinese and Japanese. Of course, we recognize the fact that there would also be a number of articles that are more technical in nature, which may need the service of a professional translator.

In these situations, we will fully bear the cost of such translation services as is necessary. Applicants do not have to pay anything at all to have their articles translated.

Please note that since no compensation is required, our turnaround might take longer at times, especially during busy periods.


Eligibility-wise, we do not really have any requirements, as long as the content isn’t offensive or disturbing in nature. Generally though, we would prioritize articles that are helpful to a wider range of people. Nonetheless, please do not let that be a deterrence for submitting any articles you may wish to have translated.

Please use the form below to submit the information required and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!